Chemical Descaling

Enviroteam Services Ltd is convinced that chemical de-scaling is the most effective and efficient methodology for removing built-up industrial scale. Chemical de-scaling dissolves hard water scale and emulsifies oils and greases.

  • Chemical de-scaling produces the highest levels of performance and customer satisfaction.
  • Chemically de-scaling industrial equipment becomes necessary when hard water scale, oil and greases cannot be removed by general cleaning.
  • Chemical de-scaling restores metal surfaces and piping to their original condition.
  • The hard water scale that builds-up on burner tubes and other heat sources decreases heat transfer and fluid flow in piping. This is an undesirable effect in all manufacturing facilities. The application of chemical de-scaling depends on the conditions and levels of the existing buildup.
  • The scale build up generally affects heat transfer and fluid flow in piping.

Benefits of Enviroteam Services Ltd Chemical De-scaling

  • Enviroteam Services Ltd’s de-scaling products remove scale by rapidly dissolving existing deposits of metallic oxides, carbonates, sulphates, and silicate scale formations. The application of de-scaling depends on the conditions and levels of existing buildup.
  • We offer the service and supply of chemicals to carry out descaling of various industrial plant and machinery.

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